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Cashmere on bobbin, color Daisy Jeans (1300 m / 100 g)

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152,52 ₣ / pcs.

Yarn 100% Mongolian Cashmere, color Daisy Jeans. On bobbin, 1300 m / 100 g, Nm 26/2

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The price per kg is of CHF 310. Each bobbin is priced according to the NET WEIGHT of the yarn on cone. The cone itself is only included in the GROSS WEIGHT which is shown on a sticker inside each bobbin, but not in the price. All cones are offered for free. 

Our bobbin threads are best used for machine knitting, alone or held together from two or three bobbins.

But for hand knitting, you can use bobbins too - in several ways:

  • You can make up exactly the weight of yarn you need by holding several thinner bobbin threads together or knit from bobbins together with our skeins. The end result will be a truly luxurious and warm garment. Or, you can knit lighter pieces on thinner needles from two bobbins only: yarn of 375 m for 50g will be the ending weight if you combine 2 bobbin threads together. Likewise, if you knit from 3 bobbins you will obtain exactly the weight of our 3-ply skeins. And from 4 bobbins, of our 4-ply skeins. From 5 bobbins and up, the sky is the limit!
  • You can do gradients and marled threads to wild abandon! You can mix up two or three colors in one strand of yarn, or you can do color grading by subsequently substituting colors in a strand. For example, you start with 3 grey threads, continue with 1 white-2grey, afterwards with 2 white-one grey, and at the end with 3 white threads to obtain a fine example of color grading!
  • If you need to knit double to compliment your knitted piece, a with collar for example - or a lapel. It will fit much better with a finer drape, if you choose a finer yarn of the same colour to make this double knit.

All our photos are taken in the daylight without any flash or other artificial light. No filters are applied on the pictures. We do our best to make sure that the colors you see on your screen correspond to what you see upon arrival of your order.

Daisy Jeans
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