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Badma Yarns is a brand of Mercantus SA. We produce yarn and procure raw materials in a sustainable way directly from herders who take care of their animals. We are in love with yarn and knitting!

address Avenue de Collonge 5
ZIP / Town 1820 Territet
legal form Corporation
seat Montreux
status active
UID CHE-442.732.890
CH-ID CH-550-1176525-2
EHRA-ID 1323631

Mercantus SA, Swiss Commercial Register CHE-442.732.890

Mailing address and address for returns: Av. De Collonge 5, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland

Legal address: Mercantus SA, Av. De Collonge 5, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland

COO: Maria Defilla

Our company was established in 2017 and is active in international commodity trade. We had a chance to work with Mongolian suppliers for a range of raw materials, and we had some ties with, and a lot of fondness for the people and the country.

With the COVID lockdowns and all people’s time freed up from commuting, we spotted a much-accrued interest in knitting. Even our founder started to knit on a massive scale – this is how she got the idea. The last time knitting was this popular was probably in the 70ies of the last century. In the following decades its popularity waned off with arrival of all the cheap clothing from Asia. But now the game has changed completely: with supply chain disruptions and price instability, we believe the interest in knitting will only increase. We work to respond to this growing demand for reasonably priced yarns of superior quality and durability. And we care a lot about sustainability. Because of this we favor the naturally colored fibers – there is no harmful chemical waste, it demands much less energy and water. Of course, we have tinted yarns too. If we would dye fibers, we would do so without prior bleaching: it’s the bleaching stage that consumes the most energy and water.

We have three types of fiber: cashmere, yak, and camel. Their overall qualities are much superior to merino yarn: we are proud to offer a more sustainable alternative to merino (and a much lighter one too!).  Our cashmere yarns are dyed, while our camel and yak are untreated and naturally colored.

It is a known fact that the best quality raw materials for luxury wools come mostly from Mongolia, so after preliminary research and supply chain setup, we created this brand and this web store. We also have a makeshift yarn lab in Mongolia where we are testing fibers from different areas of the country. Our web store offers yarns of 100% natural traceable origin. We care about sustainable herding, and we only purchase our raw materials from cooperatives who adhere to Sustainable Cashmere Alliance and make sure their cattle do not overgraze the land they live on.

We are constantly testing new color dyes and look forward to extending the variety of colors for our yarns. 

Knitters can find yarns in hanks and bobbins: our hanks go in two weights, fingering (50g/200m, 50g/210m) and sports (50g/140m). Our bobbins go in 2/22 weight for yak and camel, and in 2/26 for cashmere.

Our fiber-to-yarn supply chain allows us to offer reasonably priced yarns of superior quality! We hope you will be happy with our yarn, but if it happens that our yarn does not live up to your expectations, we accept returns. We also run a Knitting Club of Badma Yarns where we do test knits and share patterns. We will be happy to hear back from you!

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