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Delivery to European customers - new shipping point within the EU!

25 of May 2022,

If you were browsing through our Swiss products while being a EU resident, you most likely wondered what would happen with imports and customs duties on your order from us - knowing that Switzerland is not a EU member. Switzerland is not a Community member at all, this is why all of its export flows to the EU are taxed, and more often than not subject to an additional charge to end customer.

Precisely with this in mind, we worked during the months of spring to establish a new shipping point within the EU: it means that if you reside in a EU country, we will ship to you from within the EU as well. No customs duties and no VAT for you, the end user! We are charged with the transborder hassle and import duties while the price you pay remains as advertised on our site.

For this reason, we are canceling a manual Swiss VAT export deduction on export but are including in the price EU VAT instead.

If you are a EU resident and order from us, please DO NOT opt for Swiss Post as delivery (as of 25.05.2022). You should choose Colissimo, a French provider.

Infinitely grateful to you and always at your service,

Your Badma Yarns Team

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