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100% baby yak down

User Characteristics and Advantages of Yak yarn

We are happy to offer to you hanks of superior quality natural  yak yarn. This yarn is fairly little known here in Europe – but its qualities are so remarkable that yak fibre was the actual reason to create this yarn brand. We can offer this natural luxury at an affordable price due to having no intermediaries in our farm-to-yarn supply chain. The fleece for those hanks is sourced directly from herder cooperatives in Mongolia in one of the areas with the coldest climate - the Arkhangai aymag. The down is harvested only from young animals, up to 3 years old. Adult yaks with their semi-wild temper would not let herders brush them. So we can call our yak fibre Baby Yak, and will be technically right. Let's get go through the main properties of this yarn:

  1. Yak yarn blooms with very dense down of thin fibers after washing (a bit like fur), it becomes comparable to cashmere but is much more durable. Yak yarn does not pill and is getting softer and softer with every wash.
  2. Yak knits drape beautifully. It is very, very warm and we are sure that the first astronauts would have preferred it to camel down if it was known at that time.
  3. Holds cables and rib quite well. The stitch definition is good but is a tiny bit blurred because of all the fluff – still, yak yarn stitches are much better defined than mohair stitches for instance.
  4. Did we say that yak was really warm? It is also very breathable and gives a better comfort if compared to merino. The structure of yak fiber is like bamboo: pockets of air are locked inside the hair stem – this provides exceptional insulation.
  5. Yak is lighter than merino. You will need less yak yarn to knit a piece of similar warmth.
  6. Yak is not easy to dye. Ours is not, we offer only natural colors: dark brown, coffee brown and grey.
  7. Dries up very quickly.

Percieved properties of yak yarn compared to regular superfine merino

Thermal insulation




Lighter, %

Over 30%

Fluffiness and bloom


Stitch definition




Ecological footprint

Very Moderate

Fibre thickness, microns


Fibre length, cm



North-East of Mongolia, aymag Arkhangai

Time to dry, hours (pull size M)

17 (against 30 for merino)





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