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100% cashmere

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User characteristics and advantages of cashmere yarn

You have in your hands a hank of superior quality 100% Mongolian cashmere. Cashmere fiber from Mongolia is considered to be the best in the world.

We are happy to offer this natural luxury at an affordable price due to having no intermediaries in our farm-to-yarn supply chain. The down for these hanks was harvested by us directly from herder cooperatives in Mongolia in areas with the most continental climate - Bayankhongor and Sukhbataar aymags. The temperature there varies from +40 in summer to -40 in winter: this is why the cashmere from this area is so unique. Let's get go through the main properties of this yarn:

  1. Our cashmere is either undyed or gently dyed without bleaching. This fully preserves the natural tenderness of goat down.

  2. Undyed cashmere is usually softer than dyed cashmere because the dyeing process changes the structure of the fibre. Therefore, we offer many natural shades of undyed cashmere.

  3. Cashmere is warmer than merino, is very drapey and practically does not wrinkle. Due to its lightness and softness, it is versatile and can also be used for summer clothes.

  4. Our cashmere has long fibers, so there is almost no pilling during wear. In order for our cashmere to completely fluff up and bloom, it is key to wash it several times. The thread opens up gradually. Our cashmere is much more resistant and more durable than what is sold in the form of finished products on the mass market.

  5. Fibre of Mongolian cashmere is thinner than the Chinese fibre. Chinese cashmere goats spend a significant part of the year in a stall or in sheds, while Mongolian goats are free-range all the time.

  6. Cables and lace patterns turn out really great, rib stitch is a bit more relaxed but still holds much better than alpaca-knitted rib stitch.

  7. We buy raw materials from cooperatives that are members of the Sustainable Cashmere Alliance which adheres to the standards of sustainable goat grazing in order to prevent desertification of the steppe.

    Perceived properties of cashmere yarn compared to regular superfine merino  

Thermal insulation




Lighter, in %

Over 40%

Fluffiness and bloom


Stitch definition




Ecological footprint


Hair length, cm


Hair width, microns



West and South-East of Mongolia, aymags Bayankhongor and Sukhbataar

Time to dry, hours (pull size M)

15 (against 30 for merino)

Dyed Yes


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