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22 Februar 2022
Properties and advantages of our yarns: cashmere, yak and camel as compared to common superfine merino wool
This summary presents user characteristics of cashmere, yak and camel fibre compared to superfine merino wool
25 Mai 2022
Delivery to European customers - new shipping point within the EU!
If you were browsing through our Swiss products while being a EU resident, you most likely wondered what would happen with imports and customs duties on your order from us - knowing that Switzerland is not a EU member. Switzerland is not a Communi...
29 Januar 2022
More on our yarn brand and our web shop - how we got there
The article's title is about a knitter's journey to value creation in the yarn world. Happy to see you here, my name is Maria - I am a knitter and a founder of this brand. I live in Montreux, Switzerland, and have been knitting since I was 7. With...
14 Januar 2022
Early buyers welcome rebate
We are happy to announce a special welcome rebate of 15% for all of our items, including premium cashmere, yak, camel and baby camel! It will be active u...
01 Januar 2022
Happy New Year!
Thank you for coming by! Our store is opening its virtual doors for you on the first day of this New Year. We are finalizing the last bits and pieces for making our web store full...
27 Dezember 2021
Yak and merino. Why wear a piece of sheep?
...When you have yak. Yak fiber is very little known in Europe, which we hope to slowly change. Yak down is a superior natural material in terms of wearability and thermal insulation. If we are to give some excuse for creation of this yarn brand, ...
08 Dezember 2021
Why we are here