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Early buyers welcome rebate

14 Januar 2022,



We are happy to announce a special welcome rebate of 15% for all of our items, including premium cashmere, yak, camel and baby camel! It will be active until the end of February 2022. To be able to use this rebate, please set up a user account on Badma Yarns, and you should see the code in your user account, it will be then automatically deducted from your order. This rebate is active for limited time only. We are a Swiss brand and deliver worldwide!

We offer premium quality wool from free-range animals with only minimal treatment in order to preserve the natural structure of the fiber. In most cases, our yarns are undyed. Our yarn is premium-quality yarn at affordable prices.  

Since our margins are modest, we usually do not offer and will not offer any rebates. This rebate is an exception, to redeem a privilege to have you as our early client.

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