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100% camel wool

User characteristics and advantages of baby camel yarn

You have in your hands a hank of superior quality baby camel yarn. This yarn is fairly little known in Europe.

We are happy to offer this natural luxury at an affordable price due to having no intermediaries in our farm-to-yarn supply chain. The fleece for those hanks is sourced directly from herder cooperatives in Mongolia in one of the areas with the driest climate - the Gobi-Altai aymag. The down for baby camel yarn is brushed out in the spring from the coat of two-year-old camels, it is very delicate and thin. Let's get go through the main properties of this yarn:

  1. To see this yarn bloom, you have to wash it first to rinse off the remaining spinning oil:  your thread opens up with a rather long and soft sparse downy fibres which will not blur a pattern on your piece. Camel yarn does not pill and is very durable getting softer and softer with every wash. Knits made of it can last literally for a generation. Camel yarn may slightly distend after the first wash (no more than 5%). 
  2. Camel yarn knits have a beautiful drape. Knitted fabric stays quite thin, never fluffing up too much but proves to be surprisingly warm. The first astronauts of the 60s and 70s had their clothes insulated with camel wool. Did you know?

  3. Holds cables and lace stitches very well, holds rib stitch not so well though - like the yarn from camel's cousin species, the alpaca. The stitch definition is really great - knitted piece holds it shape very well.

  4. Its natural color is wonderful golden beige. 

  5. Compared to merino, camel yarn gives soft, dry warmth. Thanks to the lanolin contained in the fibre, it absorbs moisture really well. Its breathability is excellent.

  6. Camel down fibres are hollow inside. This explains their remarkable thermal insulation properties.

  7. Because of the latter, camel yarn is very light – less yarn is needed for a piece of a comparable warmth than merino; a find for thrifty knitters.

  8. Dries up very quickly.   

Perceived properties of baby camel yarn compared to regular superfine merino 

Thermal insulation




Lighter, in, %

 Over de 40%

Fluffiness and bloom


Stitch definition




Ecological footprint

Very Moderate

Hair width, microns


Hair length, cm



South-East of Mongolia, Govi-Altay aimag

Time to dry, hours (pull size M)

13 (against 30 for merino)





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