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Why we are here

08 Dezember 2021,



We are all passionate knitters in our team, and have tried pretty much every yarn on the market. We knit with various types of yarn construction, happy-go-lucky to try new ones. We see how various threads respond to wear and tear in finished pieces, along with fibers the yarn was made of. This yarn journey is a long one, and intermingled with other activities and hobbies we have. Undeniably, we favour natural fibers when you knit for warmth and durability: whether you are hiking at altitude, strolling on a humid December morning, or sitting still in the chilly air - those are still the best to keep you warm. Whatever the producers of synthetic insulation may say, we just smile and adjust our cashmere scarves.

We discovered that there is a curious subset of yarns which are best at keeping away the cold: those that are produced by animals living in very cold climates. Oftentimes, their fiber has air bubbles locked within to obtain better insulation. The exterior scales of such fiber are fine and sitting close to the hair stem which grants non-felting properties. Last but not least, this fiber is long, this adds to better insulation - but also insures there is no pilling when humans knit with it. Living creatures have to resist to up to -50 degrees Celsius in winter, and their survival instinct produces the best bio-engineered fiber solutions on this planet. 

In extremely continental climates, summers are very hot too, and all four-legged creatures living there have to shed their winter coats fast when the spring comes (which is why herders can collect fiber in a non-violent way by combing the animal rather than by shearing). There are a few spots like that on the planet, and a few species producing such premium-quality wool. We noticed that those fibers are not easy to come by on the market: they are either very expensive, or are added to mixes. If you want you family to enjoy dry warmth of pure camel wool, you are likely to extend your budget beyond what you initially intended.

To respond to that challenge, we have married our logistics experience and yarn inductry experience, and created a brand of yarn which offers pure luxury fiber with minimal treatment, sourced directly from herders, conditioned in Switzerland. We identified Mongolia as a country with ideal continental climate where commercial quantities of wool would be available for processing. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. You can see the result on our web site - luxury yarn at affordable price. We hope you like it, it is up to you to tell us.

We offer you pure Mongolian cashmere, yak down and down from baby camels and adult camels. Cashmere is well-known, especially Mongolian cashmere which is considered to be the best with longer fibers and much less subject to pilling. Yak and camel are relatively little-known here in Europe. Their commercial quantities are very small too if compared to merino wool, silk or cotton. Most of our production is not dyed, thus preserving the structure of the fiber and its initial warmth. Even for cashmere, we source a large number of undyed shades.

Judging by the quality of fiber and its sensation on the skin, cashmere and yak are the softest. Camel and yak are the warmest. All of them are very resistant to wear. Yak never pills. Cashmere has the widest color palette of them all, as neither yak nor camel are dyed. Such is a choice conundrum. It is not easy to choose, the best would be to try them all and see by yourself. We are here for you to keep the price low and the quality high. Happy knitting!

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